Founder - Infertility Voices

Margaret Mutumba MPH, PhDc

Margaret is a public health professional with over 6 years experience in infertility in Sub-Saharan Africa; particularly in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia. Margaret's professional experience has allowed for the appreciation of the severe consequences of infertility in this context. This reality prompted Margaret to establish Infertility Voices to address the burden of stigma and promote a holistic approach to infertility care in Sub-Saharan Africa. Margaret's educational background is BSc Pharmacology at King's College London, Master of Public Health  at Imperial College London and currently a PhD in Public Health and Health Systems at University of Waterloo, Canada. Margaret's research focus and passion is in awareness, accessibility and affordability of infertility care in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Janet Safe Places.jpg

Co-founder - Safe Places Uganda

Janet Kantarama MPhil

Janet is a trained mental health specialist, educated at Linnaeus University in Sweden. Janet has a wealth of experience in mental health support in Uganda and  is the co-founder of Safe Places Uganda Treatment Centre. Safe Places is a private rehabilitation and treatment centre providing specialist mental health and psycho-social services with a multidisciplinary approach of managing various health issues. Janet serves as a mental health expert advisor to Infertility Voices.


Co-founder - The Walking Egg Ghana

Nana Yaw Osei MPhil

Nana Yaw Osei is the CEO of The Walking Egg Medical Centre Ghana (TWEG), a fertility counsellor and founder of the Association of Childless Couples of Ghana (ACCOG). Nana holds a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degree in Guidance and Counselling and is currently pursuing a PhD in Guidance and Counselling at University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Through TWEG, Nana and his team provide low-cost IVF treatment options to their clients as a successful example of implementation of affordable fertility treatment in Africa. Nana serves as an expert fertility counsellor and low-cost IVF practice advisor to Infertility Voices.

 Infertility  Author - Vessel is Me

Catherine Bagyenda

Catherine is the author of the book Pieces of Me that provides an in-depth inspirational story of her own journey in the struggle with infertility.  She is a human resource consultant by profession and is passionate about empowering people to identify, pursue and maximize their potential.  Catherine has used her own journey to open up the often stigmatized conversation around infertility in Uganda and is actively engaged on the Facebook Vessel is Me platform encouraging others going through similar journeys.