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Championing InFertility Curriculums in Secondary Schools

The importance of the integration of InFertility Education into the Sexual and Reproductive Health curriculums in Secondary Schools (in Africa) cannot be understated.

Infertility Education aims:

- To prevent and breakdown STIGMA - To normalize in/fertility discourse - To make known that infertility is not just a woman issue, both men and women experience it - To address preventable causes early - To detect infertility signs early on for management - To educate on the medical and non-medical solutions available - To generate interest and grow locally based fertility health professionals

This knowledge can completely revolutionize a generation’s perspectives on in/fertility using the most cost-effective means possible. Infertility Voices hopes to work along side you, educators, lawyers, advocates, influencers, leaders, ministries, elders, policy makers and well wishers to make this a reality! Come alongside and Champion InFertility Education to end the stigma!

Infertility Voices

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