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Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Infertility Voices! It is with utmost gratitude that I share with you my passion project and now organization - Infertility Voices. For the longest time I have had the deep desire to challenge the ways we think about infertility and combat stigma - particularly at home in Africa.

Margaret Mutumba

Infertility is difficult subject to discuss in our society, one that pushes those affected (both men & women) to walk it alone, quietly, without much support. However, I have always believed that just like any other part of the human anatomy, our reproductive systems might not always work as well as we would like them to and that is nothing to be ashamed of or shy away from. It is perfectly justified to seek out support and receive it.

Infertility Voices is a supportive organization that strives to increase awareness around infertility to overcome the stigma, while working collaboratively with stakeholders to broaden accessibility and affordability of fertility related services.

We invite you to join the movement by becoming a member, following us on our social media platforms and adding your voice to our mission. For peer support, you are welcome to join our forum or Infertility Voices Support Group. Your involvement means a lot to us and we look forward to creating a more progressive, transparent and supportive community.



Facebook Page: Infertility Voices

Facebook Support Group: Infertility Voices Support Group




Margaret Mutumba MPH PhDc

Avid Infertility Advocate | Founder

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